cooking for strangers
text for Özgür Kar and CANAN at Taylor Macklin


nxs issue 2: synthetic selves
with Armen Avanessian, Hannah Barton, Karolien Buurman
Gilles De Brock, Ivan Cheng, Kim de Groot, Benjamin Grosser
Andrea Karch, Kristýna Kulíková, Geoffrey Lillemon, Geert Lovink
Aaron McLaughlin, Dr. Alberto Micali, Shintaro Miyazaki, Nina Power
Daniel Rourke, Sophia Seawell, Marloes de Valk, Keith J. Varadi

Armen & Ivan in ‘conversation’; Dictations – On Haunted Writing


‘ln medias res -.’
listen at 
a model for a periodical from the Critical Studies
Programme / Sandberg Institute with a first issue
edited by Ivan Cheng, site developed by Özgür Kar
w/ Lucie Berjoan, Callum Copley, Rogier Delfos,
Ioanna Gerakidi, Rosie Haward, Travis Jeppesen,
William Kherbek, Ghislaine Leung, Mihnea Mircan,
Asja Novak, Naomi Pearce, Julia Reidy, Chris Viaggio,
Angharad Williams
medias res

Not Far From Where We Began
Collectively edited in workshop with Tom Clark, with
Lucie Berjoan, Ivan Cheng, Callum Copley, Rogier Delfos,
Ioanna Gerakidi, François Girard-Meunier, Rosie Haward,
Özgür Kar, Asja Novak, Stefanie Rau, Aidan Wall and Tom Clark.
With interviews conducted by TC with Hypatia Vourloumis and
Caspar Heinemann

Surface Level Expressions
Munken Print Cream 90gsm 1.8 (text),
Munken Lynx Rough 1.4 170gsm (cover)
contribution > FENTY x PUMA ss17
within a publication from Sandberg Critical Studies
edited by Lucie Berjoan, Rosie Haward, Asja Novak,
Stefanie Rau and Aidan Wall. designed by Callum
Copley and François Girard-Meunier
surface level expressions

laughing (dislocating)
80gsm, 344 cream uncoated pages, debossed cover
‘thesis’, and transcribed conversations with
Steven Michel, Lucinda Childs, Setsuko Klossowska de Rola
Jenny Jaskey, Zach Phillips, Mary Ellen Carroll, Felix Bernstein,
Cammisa Buerhaus, Gabe Rubin


ill shape courtesy

64 page print booklet with contributions from
the participants of the Sandberg Critical Studies programme
on the occasion of a meeting with Hito Steyerl and her students
from the UdK, Sven Lütticken and his students from the VU Amsterdam,
and Juha van ’t Zelfde. December 1, 2016



garderobe (kunstmuseum bonn)
designed for a tear and a turning orientation
with textured paper. an account of textures
from rituals from the fringe, ‘artist laboratory’
with franziska m. hoenisch, maria f. scaroni,
benedikt schiefer, and frank willens. mediated
through borrowed works from maarten van roy,
jessica twitchell, thomas straub, and the bonn
theatre fundus, with the assistance of jari
ortwig. within the rubric of kollaborationen,
organised by sigrid gareis, with beethovenfest
bonn and kolner philharmonie, thanks also to
daniela ebert


candide (laughing)
80gsm, 288 cream uncoated pages, debossed cover
transcribed conversations with
Mihnea Mircan, Jesse Darling, Huw Lemmey,
Tom Clark, Chris Kraus, Nina Wakeford
june 2016

The Rural Juror
collected writings from the Sandberg
Critical Studies writing programme 2015-6
edited by Ivan Cheng, design: Laura Pappa
cover in 2 shades of green
june 2016
Rural Jurors on Sitplay by Carolin Giessner.jpg

paranymph (slush puppies)
60 pages, 250gsm gloss, loose A3 folded poster spreads.
publication from exhibition at De Fabriek,
Eindhoven, with Studio for Immediate Spaces
with Ezra Fieremans in VOL with all work in progress.
two covers.
june 2016

coops co-ops
coups co-ups
coupes coupés
authored edit of emails as content accrued during
writing seminar with Naomi Pearce.
designed by Stefanie Rau
Critical Studies, Sandberg Instituut
april 2016

private browsing (the ahistoric vacuum)
“folded sheet” of the “text ribbon”
distributed during opening performance and available
in exhibition at EYE Film Institute Netherlands
The Ahistoric Vacuum w/ Kent Chan, Nikola Knezevic,
Richard John Jones. curated by Judith Leysner
march 2016

rough models
60 pages 105mmx297mm
70gsm, gloss, folded, colour
texts and images from
letter to harbour (dec 2015)
epigraph figuring (from a distance) (dec 2015)
metaphysical spagat (oct 2015)
possession rimming (sep 2015)
spvi publication (sep 2015)
flat dogs (pragmatism on ice) (aug 2015)
think twice (aug 2014)
published january 2016

epigraph figuring
2 sides, 100mmx420mm
program for epigraph figuring
december 2015

finality’s an ashtray
A3 posters for the occasion of
finality’s an ashtray
june 2015

oh oh no (yes say yes)
On the margins of this program were printed
Trio Sowari’s ‘27 Questions for a Start‘, an
English language framing of some persistent
questions for this community, and other content
in the pages dealt with the nature of transfer and
entree into physical realms from digital (Amelia
Groom’s fraudulent slip, a curated stream of found
images), territory and censorship (a transcription
and reproduction of Jeffrey Mansfield’s ‘Time,
Space, Gesture’), poetics and gestures in financial
reality (Arnoud Holleman’s ‘retitled’), alternate
approaches/constructed images (Bianca Hester’s
sonic objects), which are then mirrored by a double
cover of monotype prints by Anna John, printed on
tracing paper, and bound by hairpins. In the centrefold
there is a loose slip ‘timeless’ which is an interview
with Emely Neu, who acted as curator of ‘Let’s start
a pussy riot’ and is also receiving critical attention
for her ‘performative interviews’. Did you receive a copy?
January 2015, on the occasion of the NOW now festival
oh oh no.jpg

centaur classic
2 sides, 100mmx420mm
program for centaur classic
100 copies
centaur classic index:list

EVEN! (youth-is-company)
20 pages 105mmx297mm
100gsm, folded, colour
programme in dialogue with Dorian Šilec Petek
on the occasion of EVEN!
co-presented by Chamber Made Opera
and Fed Square Creative Program

EVEN! cover

three gorges
52 A5 pages (b&w) + folded A3 jacket (colour)
170gsm, perfect bound, 90gsm gloss jacket
published by atelier neitzert heraud
on the occasion of three gorges – june 2014-2015

three gorges cover

architecture as mask/mask as architecture
28 A6 pages + mini-cd in felt and tape case
115 gsm gloss, saddle bound
published for restaging restaging at alaska projects
sydney, april 2014
edition of 100

architecture as mask, mask as architecture cover

200 expanded A5 pages (colour)
200gsm wire-o bound
selected texts from the first stage development (dec 2013)
of epoche-lacan-orbits, commissioned by carriageworks
edition of 100

e l o k-g-f cover

50 8’x8′ slides in blank envelope
digital print on transparency
edition of 50
silence cover

camenzind artificial dissemination
55 page pdf
text and documentation

camenzind artificial dissemination cover

extinction drawing club
28 196mm x 147mm pages
200gsm colour
printed for 46b brooksby’s walk, homerton
Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 1.49.30 AM