It feels important to contextualise work. weather festival, an ambitious four day program of new performance based work, unfolds within Sydney’s Serial Space, with the works conditioning the space, relentless celebration and indirectly heading to a climax which may not belong to the chain of events preceding it.

My name is Ivan Cheng, and in 2012 I am being mentored by Nigel Kellaway through JUMP, the Australia Council’s national mentoring program for young and emerging artists. This gives me the opportunity to present this festival, consisting of my own work and a curation of peers. I would like to thank Joanne Kee and places + spaces for their support in the development of this work, and to Tom Smith and Serial Space for their support of our project. Thanks of course to Carriageworks, YAQ and JUMP for their assistance.

My excellent colleagues Marcus Whale, James Brown, Caterina Mocciola, Ashley Macqueen, Rishin Singh, Russell Phillips, Joseph Power, Lachlan Hughes, Jacob Abela, Justin Wolfers are brilliant.

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  1. Pia

    Great activity! May the weather be wild, and inspiring, and rainy, and sunny!

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