april 10

realisation of an excerpt from stockhausen’s aus den sieben tagen

then, the first performance of ‘wind‘, a new work developed by ivan cheng and marcus whale, with mentorship from nigel kellaway

the idea of weather festival has always suggested the celestial. none of the works will explicitly probe cold fronts or dust storms, but the deals more with expression of direction, with natural laws, notice of imminent balance. when i was thinking about how i would celebrate my 21st birthday, i always wanted a stockhausen themed party, where guests might turn up as figures from sections of LICHT, but it registered in my mind that i might be disappointed, guests would be disappointed, because how could you execute such an event to exactitude?

you may know that aus den sieben tagen (1968) is a fascinating text score, dealing with what stockhausen calls ‘intuitive music’. it is in 15 sections, and in my reading of the score, i understand it as incredibly ambitious, expansions and lines. i provide the example of NIGHT MUSIC:

play a vibration in the rhythm of the universe
play a vibration in the rhythm of dreaming

play a vibration in the rhythm of dreaming
and slowly transform it
into the rhythm of the universe

repeat this as often as you can

the excellent improvisers Rishin Singh, Adam Sussman, Jeremy Tatar, Aemon Webb, and John Wilton will provide a reading that will be an experience to behold.

the project wind is placed at the core of the festival, with another performance on april 11. developed in collaboration with marcus whale, the way i feel i can best describe it is by talking about a spectrum of weather, and once locating and grasping onto perhaps hazy extremes (subject to be pushed further), finding a line between the two, whether through time or geographic lines. it looks at the naivete of trying to quantify and pinpoint, defining relationships. i worked through my text with my mentor, nigel kellaway, and we decided that for lack of a better word, it is ‘impressionistic’, with atmospheres generating around the audience and moments of clarity and crystallisation. it loves ambiguity and responsibility, and is to be presented with several threads – live vocal performance, electronics, projections, and a progression in the sensory environment as well.

8pm, April 10, Serial Space, 33 Wellington St, Chippendale

Entry by donation of cake