april 9

Orientation; In opening, an improvised performance from James Brown + Ivan Cheng, on processing, iPads, and vocals.

then now you are safe from them, a new drone-based Marcus Whale piece, featuring contact improvisers Ashley Macqueen and Caterina Mocciola, and instrumentalists Laura Altman, Monica Brooks, Lachlan Hughes, Jeremy Tatar

This night operates widely on the premise of divining points – if not time, what is the fabric from which there can be scattering of weather reference points? In a way, it’s to do with a kind of overwhelming comprehension. In Gide’s ‘Urien’s Voyage’, the reader is essentially aware that we’re encountering an allegory, even more so essentially a ‘voyage’, so where does the narrative thrust exist within the mind when such a spacious, surreal, sensuous space is constantly conjuring environments? The almost pandering, luxurious, frustrated-earnest-pious nature of Urien and the regard/relationship with his fellows, his melodrama stasis with Ellis is what this night is about – nebulous prisms.

8pm, April 9, Serial Space, 33 Wellington St, Chippendale

Entry by donation of cake.