entry by cake

what is cake? you could be quite literal with your definition, to the point of laying down rules of ingredient proportions, but for our purposes, cake is a more miraculous gift than even flowers. taking a diversion, they say flowers are beauty cut in its prime, an acknowledgement that things will pass but at present you are worth cultivated and curated beauty. cake is similarly a gift that bears weight and positivity, and more importantly, a bearing on time.

your cake does not have to be home-made, it does not need to be tiered, it does not need to be spectacular, but bring something that makes you happy. cake is about platitudes, celebrations.

do not stress about this, it is supposed to be a joy

the cake you bring can be consumed on the night. if each audience member brings a cake, there will be a surplus. this is excellent, and they can be stored for the next night. if you bring your cake on crockery that you’d like to keep, we’ll have some alternates on hand, so you needn’t worry too much. on april 12 we will hopefully be faced by a mountain of cake.

we will attempt to document each cake brought.

ps what stores well is cakes like panettone and pandoro, cakes which require refrigeration are a little harder, but we will find a way. cheesecake is delicious.