biscuit betrayal

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a string of hollow devices.
a ‘spiralling’ on complicity, crumbs and ‘social platform’ constructions.

with Hyun Lee (camera, grade, light) and Eugene Choi (public/private/crisp/rosé)

featuring “The Last Glow” by Marcus Whale

premiered 23/03/18 on Facebook Live for REAL REAL #1,
Campbelltown Arts Centre curated by Jessica Olivieri, with assistant curator Akil Ahamat
production assistant Nathan Moore

original livestream inc Q&A

teaser March 13

teaser March 15 (to deviate is to swerve)

March 18 teaser

March 20 teaser

originally prefaced by:

BISCUIT BETRAYAL Service / class / discreet / apologies ; browsers use cookie attributes to determine when to delete, block, or send a cookie to the server. Joined by longstanding collaborators Eugene Choi and Hyun Lee, Ivan Cheng will develop a new work for live-streaming in the performance studio of Campbelltown Arts Centre.

BISCUIT BETRAYAL will see a continued gravitation around language as force, questioning the ethics of anecdote, tense humours, psychic and physical possession, and taking cues from a fascination with improvisation around form, social, and jazz standards. The performance studio is cut to the mould of the lens in BISCUIT BETRAYAL, and we depart from the snug, (non)-thinking space of the fitting room, and a tailor fitting something further.