This is a gesamtkunstwerk about genius, prodigy, potential.


A suspension; in time, class, particle, air, sound, structure, image. To locate these varying suspensions is to consider or discard the constructs which hold them aloft. What are the varying levels of purity or of decay, and how can this best be translated? One can have a codex of naturalisms, then manipulate it to form lines of understanding, but how many times is a suspension derived from a singular thread?

The first stage examines venue as prescribed multi-function, super-imposing frameworks and working with the space at capacity, but otherwise vacant. Using past notations, contexts, recordings, referential movements, a model of the mind is formed, and then we might be able to view these potentialities in one mirror?

The second stage begins to transfer the materials onto more specific bodies, time having passed and a global crisis towering more than ever. Working with a group of children between 3 and 9 as well as adult collaborators, this stage is co-presented by Chamber Made Opera and Fed Square Creative Program.

This project, commissioned by Carriageworks in Sydney, will find form in a cycle of performances and series of publications which form a deliberate process of collaborations and commissions.


—  stage one  — kelley-gander-floyer (a score for 100)

— stage two — EVEN! (remounting kelley-gander-floyer in another place with another cast)




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