standard stare


a work-in-progress by Ivan Cheng, with Gailė Griciūtė, Julia Reidy and Marcus Whale.

2018 09 21 1800
Druskininkų jaunimo centras
Veisiejų g. 17, Druskininkai

Marcus Whale as Sandy
Julia Reidy as Corgi
Gailė Griciūtė as Salad Bar
Jokūbas Nosovas as Demi-Jacob
Evita Cololo & Viktorija Čaplikaitė as Semi-Daphne
Ivan Cheng as Quasi-Controller

featuring ‘Ave’, ‘Blue’, ‘Slow Down’, ‘Call me up’ by Marcus Whale
and ‘Futurity Is’ by Julia Reidy

_______ Standard Stare continues with artist Ivan Cheng’s interest in subjectivity and privacy brought into forms of public. Erosion, abrasion, misunderstanding, and the compass of desire course through the work, which works to question the thing that is being revealed. Speech, song or utterance are also occasionally deprioritised in doing so. In September 2018, Cheng has invited artists and composers Gaile Griciute (LT), Julia Reidy (AU), and Marcus Whale (AU) to join him in beginning to develop a new work for stage, STANDARD STARE, which is interested in both improvisation around the ‘jazz standard’ and social standards. The ensemble, of guitar, piano, and sound mixer, suggests a traditional accompaniment, but has rehearsed maintaining the players’ idiosyncratic methods of playing. This first stage showing will be of the results of their residency in Druskininkai, and begins with a question of accessibility. The collaborators are joined by dancer Jokūbas Nosovas and celebrated local singers Evita Cololo and Viktorija Čaplikaitė, who interpret and premiere songs written by Marcus Whale.

Thanks to: Juozas Kazlauskas, Deividas Laukionis, Marius Dovidauskas, Ana Ablamonova

Organisers: Druskininkai Artists’ Residence, Lietuvos Kompozitorių Sąjunga, Operomanija

With support from: Lietuvos kultūros taryba

photographs: Tomas Terekas