alliteration trail (2017)

elmo gets slammed into the glass wall of tgi fridays

police at times square, undocumented person inside

tourist at times square, undocumented, documenting

the costume, soliciting tips. a photo taken, but appearing

as someone else, passing, as someone else, someone recognisable

recognisable fiction, knowing speculative when you see it

gripping reality


style, style

i’m still young and maybe to you too

i’m still young in what i want to say

elmo’s still young and elmo’s maybe to you

still elmo young in elmo what want say to

a biped pushed down onto their knees, made into a quadruped

my brevity.

i am the largest glove that you have ever seen.

a quadruped dragged up onto two limbs, upside

down v

elmo refers to themselves as elmo

writing subjectivities, challenged

the third person, but the linguistic stunt

as well, that of supposed childish grip

grip of language, simple phrases, three

and a half for decades, to never be sure

that you indeed are learning

nothing changing, only the times

square, civic space, citizens, citing

elmo refers to elmo in all these times

times square, undocumented, a tip

undocumented, performers,

undocumented, performers,

undocumented, performers in an elmo

suit, (hee hee hee hee hee, that, tickles)


Sophie Serber, Sophia Dinkel as towers/white flags

Ivan Cheng as Elmo

2030, Friday June 16, 2017

Critical Studies End of Year Programme

Butchers Tears


photographs Sander van Wettum

photographs Nolwenn Salaün