selected projects by year


PARATAXIS – sidling under eaves, spread the copycat not the origin, preen for chokehold; the bloodsucker’s coming, so-so global morass, three-pack of microwaveable lava cakes, the obscene and overt as markers of repression, in-store celebrity hands you a scrunchie, actually horrific ways of describing the body, little mice and blossoming [bouillon cubes in the supermarket aisle, the deluded exuding of sexual energy for the purpose of making out with...] : exhibition : OoO, Vienna
CONFIDENCES / BASELINE : vampire novel, guided by the ephemerality of performance : published by TLTRPreß
g-string diorama : a new play and audio as contribution to Shoock! L'Estasi di Sinto Jacqueline e Mara, by mrzb, with Anna Bolina, Good&Bad, Junkie Foxx, Rada Koželj, Kelman Duran, Rin, Gigo8931, Moody Monday, Trans Mom : Lungo Stura Lazio, Torino
no rave: wagon wheel metatheatre : print 'performance' with Özgür Kar, Spencer Lai, Mire Lee, Magdalena Mitterhofer, Dominic Rich, Yashi : Zurich Moves
the many faced god.dess : curated by Thomas Conchou, with Nils Alix-Tabeling, Sabrina Röthlisberger Belkacem, Bye Bye Binary, Ivan Cheng, Claude Eigan, Cédric Esturillo, Brandon Gercara, Tarek Lakhrissi, Elodie Petit, Queer Ancestor Project, Victoria Sin, Julie Villard and Simon Brossard : Maison Populaire, Montreuil
– Mother Culture, LA [Jan 15, ex-curses] [Mar 11, virginities]


virginities : OCCII, Amsterdam
changing room 3 [OUIJA DM] : digital streaming commission (solo) : Volksbühne Roter Salon, Berlin
Corpse Halo : radio play in 2 parts : Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee x STRP, Eindhoven
ferrara deux : murder mystery novel in illustrated draft
virtue and the city : Maison Descartes, Amsterdam
carriers : a work on paper for Mire Lee's solo show : Art Sonje, Seoul
necrotic modesty : Form IV
renaissance : Montez Press Writers Grant Shortlist
Rochambeau : digital streaming commission (collaborative) : Volksbühne Roter Salon, Berlin


barometer : 2 side tone poem for glassed courtyard and staircase void : Nacionalinė dailės galerija, Vilnius
gemini exit [beeny's retirement] : situation with objects by Kristoffer Zeiner : Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
cast [eros tunes] : collaboration with Gianmaria Andreetta : Spazio Murat, Bari
cuff without duck / smog ou soleil : collaboration with Gianmaria Andreetta : Espace 3353, Geneva
chain 1 [standard stare] : work-in-progress at the invitation of Pina, Vienna : Belvedere 21, Vienna
clarities bridges : bridges for Cammisa Buerhaus and Geo Wyeth : Perdu, Amsterdam
FW: FW: Christiaan's Bullet : rubbing reading : Perdu, Amsterdam
caller c : performance in a club : Garage Noord, Amsterdam
caller d : performance in a club : Beursschouwburg, Brussels


biscuit betrayal : camera performance with Hyun Lee and Eugene Choi : Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney
haunted house (video work) sunset blister performance with Ivey Wawn :Intermezzo's ~ M HKA, Antwerp
standard stare first development : Druskininkų Jaunimo Centras, Druskininkai
christine’s bullet : Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
changing room 2 / neck, copernican coining - amsterdam funny how forever, feels now : Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam
caller a / caller b performance for T 2018 je t'aime Temra Pavlovic finnissage : Kantine, Brussels


archive performance phantom cigarette with Performance Art Archive/The Black Kit, curated by Jari Ortwig : Q18/Quartier am Hafen, Köln
BAD WEATHER with Arturas Bumšteinas (premiere) Cricoteka / Unsound Festival, Krakow
copernican coining with Antoinette Barbouttis, Rainbow Chan, Eugene Choi, Hyun Lee, Shota Matsumura, Axel Powrie, Marcus Whale : Broadwaters, Sydney
alliteration trail - amsterdam with Sophia Dinkel, Sophie Serber : Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam
estonia -warm ups- festival orientations : SMC/CAC, Vilnius
laughing dislocating 'thesis', and transcriptions with Steven Michel, Lucinda Childs, Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Jenny Jaskey, Zach Phillips, Mary Ellen Carroll, Felix Bernstein, Cammisa Buerhaus, Gabe Rubin :
in medias res audio format periodical, distributed by lighter.


dogged, a dawning : with hat by SHHDFA : De Appel, Amsterdam
private browsing the ahistoric vacuum text performance with Ezra Fieremans : EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
garderobe kunstmuseum bonn : text presentation, with work by Thomas Straub, Jessica Twitchell, Maarten van Roy, Theatre Bonn Fundus : Kunstmuseum Bonn
back-drop performance : let it keep secrets Studio Michael Gibbs, Amsterdam
MIDNIGHT with Tilman Hecker / Arno Kraehahn / Lynsey Peisinger : Radialsystem V, Berlin premiere. Nationaltheater Mannheim with Orchester M18, Haus der Berliner Festspiele
candide laughing transcribed conversations with Mihnea Mircan, Chris Kraus, Huw Lemmey, Jesse Darling, Nina Wakeford, Tom Clark : Critical Studies, Sandberg


finality’s an ashtray with Rainbow Chan, Eugene Choi, Hyun Lee, Shota Matsumura, Marcus Whale : Golden Age, Sydney
flat dogs - pragmatism on ice with Kayije Kagame as Ivan Cheng : Watermill Center, NY
dancing with the tzars performance with Shota Matsumura, Brooke Stamp, for Michael Snape : The Commercial offsite, Sydney
possession rimming with Kanae Tanikawa as Judge Judy : Turner Gallery, Tokyo


bette de brest – beuys beuys beuys triptych, with Ivey Wawn as Ivan Cheng : restaging restaging ~ Alaska Projects, Sydney
think twice with Eugene Choi as Ivan Cheng : Giant Dwarf, Sydney
even! ‘remount’ of 100 person score with Kokomi Blake, Sarah Kriegler, Brennan Olver, Matali Riley, Elise Smith, Charlie Thompson, Xuan Valmorbida, Ada Williams Kriegler, Henry Williams Kriegler : Federation Square, Melbourne
centaur classic independent curatorial project as performance, with Rainbow Chan, Eugene Choi, Hyun Lee, Shota Matsumura, Marcus Whale : Redfern Oval Community Room, Sydney


silence performance publication project, with Austin Buckett, Jenn Dees, Sebastian Goldspink, Aron Jürisson, Lucy Parakhina, Zachary Schoenhut : Heffron Hall, Sydney
epoche-lacan-orbits: kelly, gander, floyer : performance score for 100 performers, as curatorial resistance to interpretation for James Brown, Austin Buckett, Lachlan Hughes, Marcus Whale : Carriageworks, Sydney