changing room 3 [OUIJA DM] : digital streaming commission : Volksbuhne Roter Salon, Berlin
Corpse Halo @ STRP, Eindhoven [in the context of Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee] a radio play in 2 parts with Alexander Iezzi and Julia Reidy, originally intended for performance as MARKET HALO (winky’s hagiography) April 3
ferrara deux : murder mystery novel in illustrated draft
bccp : podcast
virtue and the city : exhibition with Aaro Murphy, Kim Wawer, Kristoffer Zeiner : Maison Descartes, Amsterdam, June 11-21
dopo oracle : paintings, text, sound for exhibition : ORAC studio, Amsterdam
chain 3 [standard stare] @ SeMA, Seoul [in the context of SeMA Project S] Feb 28 postponed
honey's review in surplus @ Goth Talk, Live from the Cave - March 29
carriers : a work on paper for Mire Lee's solo show : Art Sonje, Seoul - 2020.07.23-09.13
whoever you are hiding away with [gleaners] : test shoot for a film by Jules van den Langenberg : Rietveld Fashion, Bureau Europa, July-September
splendid : Magdalena Mitterhofer & Shade Theret : Longtang, Zurich Sep 12-13, Very Project Space Sep 19
bw libretto : swansong, organised by Lisette Smits and Voin Voinov : Belka, Sofia - Sep 25
necrotic modesty : s105, Amsterdam - Sep 27postponed
the world to come : directed by Tilman Hecker, with Moormother, Planningtorock, Colin Self, Reza Mohammed Mortazavi, Rundfunkchor Berlin : Vollgutlager & SchwuZ, Berlin - Oct 8-9
choir piece : Felix Kindermann : Kanal Pompidou, Brussels - Oct 11
virginities : OCCII, Amsterdam - Nov 5
chain 4 : in the context of Les Urbaines : MCBA, Lausanne - Dec 5-6


barometer : 2 side tone poem for glassed courtyard and staircase void : Nacionalinė dailės galerija, Vilnius
gemini exit [beeny's retirement] : situation with objects by Kristoffer Zeiner : Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
cast [eros tunes] : collaboration with Gianmaria Andreetta : Spazio Murat, Bari
CUFF WITHOUT DUCK / SMOG OU SOLEIL The crypt in the church I like / has two big crystal candles / with glass bulbs gone : collaboration with Gianmaria Andreetta : Espace 3353, Geneva
chain 1 [standard stare] : work-in-progress at the invitation of Pina, Vienna : Belvedere 21, Vienna
chain 2 [standard stare] : alongside Annie Goodner for Amy Adams' Dinner Theatre : bcc, Amsterdam
finality's an ashtray - utrecht : solo theatrical version : Makersdag, Het Huis Utrecht
clarities bridges : bridges for Cammisa Buerhaus and Geo Wyeth : Perdu, Amsterdam
FW: FW: Christiaan's Bullet : rubbing reading : Perdu, Amsterdam
SO series : new paintings
commute-a-long : ambient ferry terminal : NDSM Nursery Square, Amsterdam
boytique : reading for launch of sic intertrashional #5 : Rozenstraat, Amsterdam
burner two : sunset blister reprise : Wow Greenhouse, Amsterdam
surfacing : text contribution for choreography by Ivey Wawn : The Clothing Store, Carriageworks, Sydney
caller c : performance in a club : Garage Noord, Amsterdam
caller d : performance in a club : Beursschouwburg, Brussels
copernicano coniando + intro : contributions to souvenir 5, organised by Spazio Murat and 63rd - 77th Steps, Bari : Spazio13, Bari
bw libretto text : 2019 recording of text from Bad Weather : Vilnius
K_Night : show by mrzb : with Pietro Agostoni : hosted by Bastione San Maurizio at Giardini Reali della Cavallerizza, Torino
the title of the work : graduation publication exhibition : Third floor, Benthem & Crouwel building, Fred. Roeskestraat 96, Amsterdam
common inn : 'editor in chief' for the open call, at the invitation of Simon Becks and Jules van den Langenberg : Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
– voice work for artists Mehraneh Atashi, Özgür Kar
– performing for Astrit Ismaili in MISS : Les Urbaines, Lausanne
– performing for Mathias Ringgenberg/PRICE in process sharing of Overture (Mantras for a club) : Splendor, Amsterdam
choir piece : choreographic performance of Felix Kindermann, also with Jochem van Laarhoven : SMAK, Ghent
tabula rasa : co-curator installations and performances, with Noah Khoshbin. works by Brian Belott, Billy Bultheel and Alexander Iezzi, Bianca Casady and Ira Anufrieva, Jacky Connolly, Megan May Daalder, Humberto Diaz, Jakub Falkowski, The Daxophone Consort (Daniel Fishkin, Cleek Schrey and Ron Shalom), Stina Fors, Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya: LEIMAY, Liz Glynn, Özgür Kar, Masha Kechaeva, Taeyi Lim, Jesse Littlefield, Lance de Los Reyes, Maria Louizou, John Margaritis, Jokubas Nosovas, Flavio Pezzotti, Tony Piazza, Playlab, Queen of Krump, Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, John Riepenhoff, Graciela Sacco, Santiago Sierra, Dorian Šilec Petek with Johan Bark and Cristian Petru Simon, Wiliam Stewart, Jay Tan, James Ulmer, Gillian Walsh, and Dena Yago : Watermill Center, NY


biscuit betrayal : camera performance with Hyun Lee and Eugene Choi : Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney
haunted house (video work) Intermezzo's ~ M HKA, Antwerp
sunset blister performance with Ivey Wawn : Intermezzo's ~ M HKA, Antwerp
standard stare first development : Druskininkų Jaunimo Centras, Druskininkai
christine’s bullet performance for opening of Ruis!, curated by Melanie Bühler : Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
changing room 2 / neck installed works for funny how forever, feels now, with Sophie Lee, Mehraneh Atashi, curated by Titus Nouwens : Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam
jan's grave nod to travis or D (painting) : Intermezzo's ~ M HKA, Antwerp
copernican coining - amsterdam performance for funny how forever, feels now, with Sophie Lee, Mehraneh Atashi, curated by Titus Nouwens : Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam
alliteration trail - athens with MRZB in Streaming Realities Steaming : Grace, Athens
finality's an ashtray - druskininkai with Gailė Griciūtė, Julia Reidy, Marcus Whale : Kavinė „Širdelė“, Druskininkai
caller a / caller b performance for T 2018 je t'aime Temra Pavlovic finnissage : Kantine, Brussels
bare certainty synchronising the future text transmission for Adam Bobbette + performance with Zachary Schoenhut : M HKA, Antwerp
bunny go go : first staging of a new play in four scenes by Gianmaria Andreetta in an installation by Kim Wawer : bologna, amsterdam
caveats / hooks : live streaming video editorial for open day : Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
MIDNIGHT : Otkrovenie Festival , Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after MO Auezov, Almaty, Kazakhstan
BAD WEATHER : Lietuvos nacionalinio dramos teatro | Mažoji salė, Vilnius \ Menų Spaustuvė | Kišeninė salė, Vilnius \ Klaipėdos dramos teatro | Kamerinėje salėje, Klaipeda
copernican coining lyon (for radio) : European Lab, Lyon
sponsored posts text : Johnny Magazine
The Hat Makes the Man : assistant for Robert Wilson exhibition : Max Ernst Museum, Brühl
TIME BOMB : co-curator installations, with Noah Khoshbin, with works by Kira Alker & Elke Luyten, Laurie Anderson, Davide Balliano, Yto Barrada (courtesy the artist & Pace Gallery), Bäst, Oliver Beer, Tania Bruguera, Anne Carson, CocoRosie, Inga Galinyte, Miles Greenberg & Nile Harris, A.M. Homes, Jenny Holzer, Dawn Kasper (courtesy David Lewis Gallery), Amy Khoshbin, Christopher Knowles, Baboo Liao with Adrian Damian & Mariano Marquez, Masako Miki, Wangechi Mutu, NoodleRice, OSGEMEOS, Anna Papathanasiou, Cleon Peterson, Flavio Pezzotti, Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley, Georgia Sagri, Annamaria & Marzio Sala (Courtesy Kolumba, Köln), Stephen Shanabrook, Naomi Shihab Nye, Shoplifter / Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, Paul Thek, Tassy Thompson, Naama Tsabar with Kristin Müller, Basco Vazko, Carlos Vela-Prado, Nari Ward (courtesy the artist & Lehmann Maupin, New York & Hong Kong) : Watermill Center, NY


archive performance phantom cigarette with Performance Art Archive/The Black Kit, curated by Jari Ortwig : Q18/Quartier am Hafen, Köln
BAD WEATHER with Arturas Bumšteinas (premiere) Cricoteka / Unsound Festival, Krakow
copernican coining with Antoinette Barbouttis, Rainbow Chan, Eugene Choi, Hyun Lee, Shota Matsumura, Axel Powrie, Marcus Whale : Broadwaters, Sydney
alliteration trail - amsterdam with Sophia Dinkel, Sophie Serber : Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam
centaur classic - Saint-Etienne solo re-performance : Saint-Étienne Design Biennial
crypt feeling : performance score for thesis salon : Boekmanstichting, Amsterdam
estonia -warm ups- festival orientations : SMC/CAC, Vilnius
open hourglass : text for Alice Stern and Julia Shack-Sackler : Watermill Center, NY
NOT REMAIN for Sophie Serber : GRA Gym, Amsterdam
playtime : moderating and hosting Kunstvlaai’s 12 hour event : Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam
ROCHAMBEAU research development : Uferstudios, Berlin
MIDNIGHT : Alexandrinsky Theatre | New Stage, St Petersburg
cooking for strangers text for finally, you are in me : Taylor Macklin, Zurich
vessels / vesicles / strolling trope / alternating current text for Arturas Bumšteinas ēcheîa catalogue : SMC/CAC publications
dictations: on haunted writing conversation with Armen Avanessian : NXS Issue 2
laughing dislocating 'thesis', and transcriptions with Steven Michel, Lucinda Childs, Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Jenny Jaskey, Zach Phillips, Mary Ellen Carroll, Felix Bernstein, Cammisa Buerhaus, Gabe Rubin : Critical Studies, Sandberg
l d e reading : Pure Fyction International Art Book Fair, Staedelschüle, Frankfurt
to: liberty \ in residence text contribution to Not Far from Where We Began : Critical Studies, Sandberg
in medias res co-initiating and editing audio format periodical, distributed by lighter. with Lucie Berjoan, Callum Copley, Rogier Delfos, Ioanna Gerakidi, Rosie Haward, Travis Jeppesen, William Kherbek, Ghislaine Leung, Mihnea Mircan, Asja Novak, Naomi Pearce, Julia Reidy, Chris Viaggio, Angharad Williams. Coding by Özgür Kar : Critical Studies, Sandberg
FLY INTO THE SUN : co-curator installations, with Noah Khoshbin, with installations and performances by Laurie Anderson, Dana Davenport, Deborah Emmanuel, Rachel Frank, Regina José Galindo, Miles Greenberg, Nile Harris, Jenny Holzer, Marianna Kavallieratos & Laurent Le Gall, Christopher Knowles, Vesna Mačković, Jared Madere, Daniel Monroy Cuevas, Somos Monstros (Raúl de Nieves & Erik Zajaceskowski), Stephen Shanabrook, Storyboard P, Barbara Tran, VVHY, Xu Zhen (produced by MadeIn) : Watermill Center, NY

– performer for Kristoffer Zeiner (De School, Amsterdam), Shi Hui Hung (Studio for Immediate Spaces, Amsterdam), Christina Sotiropoulou (ArtEZ, Arnhem)


dogged, a dawning : with hat by SHHDFA : De Appel, Amsterdam
back-drop performance : let it keep secrets Studio Michael Gibbs, Amsterdam
flat dogs pragmatism on ice solo reperformance : De Appel, Amsterdam
garderobe kunstmuseum bonn : text presentation, with work by Thomas Straub, Jessica Twitchell, Maarten van Roy, Theatre Bonn Fundus : Kunstmuseum Bonn
private browsing the ahistoric vacuum performed exhibition text with Ezra Fieremans : EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
rituals from the fringe artist laboratory with Frank Willens, M.F. Scaroni, Franziska Hoenisch, Benedikt Schiefer : Beethovenfest Bonn, Kunstmuseum Bonn
t p o l closing song with Femke Schaap : L&F Theatrum Anatomicum, Amsterdam
bie-brack tatt year flash with Sophie Serber : De Punt, Amsterdam
MIDNIGHT with Tilman Hecker / Arno Kraehahn / Lynsey Peisinger : Radialsystem V, Berlin premiere. Nationaltheater Mannheim with Orchester M18, Haus der Berliner Festspiele
candide laughing transcribed conversations with Mihnea Mircan, Chris Kraus, Huw Lemmey, Jesse Darling, Nina Wakeford, Tom Clark : Critical Studies, Sandberg
coops co-ops coups co-ups coupes coupés publication from seminar with Naomi Pearce : Critical Studies, Sandberg
the rural juror edited collection of writings : Critical Studies, Sandberg
paranymph slush puppies exhibition and workshop for Studio for Immediate Spaces : De Fabriek, Eindhoven
rough models : selected texts 2014-2015
FADA: HOUSE OF MADNESS Assistant Curator Installations w/ Noah Khoshbin, with installations and performances by Anohni, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Tony Matelli, John Margaritis, G.T. Pellizzi, Jacques Reynaud, Pussy Riot, Martyna Szczesna, Nikita Shokhov, Marie de Testa, Tori Wrånes : Watermill Center, NY

– performer for Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa (If I Can't Dance, Amsterdam), Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Annick Lavallée-Benny (Watermill Center, NY)


finality’s an ashtray with Rainbow Chan, Eugene Choi, Hyun Lee, Shota Matsumura, Marcus Whale : Golden Age, Sydney
flat dogs - pragmatism on ice with Kayije Kagame as Ivan Cheng : Watermill Center, NY
possession rimming with Kanae Tanikawa as Judge Judy : Turner Gallery, Tokyo
dancing with the tzars performance with Shota Matsumura, Brooke Stamp, for Michael Snape : The Commercial offsite, Sydney
reading the waves group recitation to mark the solar eclipse : Berliner Festspiele forecourt, Berlin
oh oh no / yes say yes publication with contributions from Amelia Groom, Bianca Hester, Arnoud Holleman, Anna John, Jeffrey Mansfield, Emely Neu, Trio Sowari : Now Now, Sydney
Reproducing Forms a ‘maypole’ with Dale Gorfinkel, Helen Hughes, Joel Stern, Alex White : SNO Contemporary Art Projects, Sydney
circus of stillness... the power over wild beasts Assistant Curator Installations w/ Noah Khoshbin, with installations and performances by Inga Aleknaviciute, Shay Arick, Daniel Arsham, Barrsheadahl (Mick Barr, Kevin Shea, Tim Dahl), Sierra Casady, Adriana Dinulescu, Matty Davis, Radames 'Juni' Figueroa, Gary Garay, Oree Holban, Jokubas Nosovas, Brian O'Mahoney, Jack Pavlik, Cleon Peterson, Joanna Rodriguez-Noyola, Luke Smithers, Mette Sterre, Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Basco Vazko : Watermill Center, NY

– performer for Marina Abramovic (Kaldor Projects, Sydney | Givenchy, New York Fashion Week), Sylbee Kim (Insa Art Space, Seoul), Agatha Gothe-Snape (Now Now Festival, Sydney, Performa, NY), Xenson Znja (Framer Framed, Amsterdam)


bette de brest – beuys beuys beuys triptych, with Ivey Wawn as Ivan Cheng : restaging restaging ~ Alaska Projects, Sydney
three gorges solo exhibition and catalogue : Atelier Neitzert Heraud, Saint-Chinian
think twice with Eugene Choi as Ivan Cheng : Giant Dwarf, Sydney
even! ‘remount’ of 100 person score with Kokomi Blake, Sarah Kriegler, Brennan Olver, Matali Riley, Elise Smith, Charlie Thompson, Xuan Valmorbida, Ada Williams Kriegler, Henry Williams Kriegler : Federation Square, Melbourne
centaur classic independent curatorial project as performance, with Rainbow Chan, Eugene Choi, Hyun Lee, Shota Matsumura, Marcus Whale : Redfern Oval Community Room, Sydney
dusky river disky river dusky rivet radio message : East Side FM 89.7, Sydney

– performed for: Mark Bradshaw (w/ Martin del Amo, Southbank Centre, London | w/ Ben Whishaw, AusNZ Festival, London), Bianca Hester (Biennale of Sydney), Tino Sehgal (AGNSW, Sydney)


silence performance publication project, with Austin Buckett, Jenn Dees, Sebastian Goldspink, Aron Jürisson, Lucy Parakhina, Zachary Schoenhut : Heffron Hall, Sydney
epoche-lacan-orbits: kelly, gander, floyer : performance score for 100 performers, as curatorial resistance to interpretation for James Brown, Austin Buckett, Lachlan Hughes, Marcus Whale : Carriageworks, Sydney
camenzind performance with Elia Bosshard, Louisa Lau, Eleni Schumacher, Brigitte Wirfler : Redfern Oval Community Room, Sydney
health performance for clarinet and electronics : Eschschloraque, Berlin