sunset blister (2018)

a platform announces that adult content

is going to be banned, eroding consensual sexuality,

pushing things farther, shaming further. visibility, sanitation.

a season of peppa pig, tech changing hands, making space for ads.

cleaning up is really a form of displacing

sewage diverted into a body of water, polluted,

pumped back into a desalination plant,

salt gone, shit gone, sea mist, freshwater,

you can call me baby too. pump it back to the household

There are many types of abrasion but a limit to transformation. ‘Sunset Blister’ is a new work by Ivan Cheng performed with Ivey Wawn in their first appearance since 2014. Alongside a video, it is prepared in tandem with 4 workshops for English speaking youth aged 8-15 in Antwerp, and the production of a glass wind instrument blown from melted volcanic pumice, produced by Eric Pipien at LUCA School of Arts Ghent.

with Ivey Wawn as Consent Baby
and Ivan Cheng as Baby's Son
Dec 6, 2018
Rooftop, MuHKA

instruments made with Eric Pipien at LUCA Gent

photographs Luisa Ungar