MIDNIGHT (2016 ~> )

‘Midnight’ is a performance built on a number of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: aria for soprano and orchestra “Ah se in ciel, benigne stele”; recitativo and rondeau “Ch'io mi scordi di te... Non temee, amato bene” for soprano, piano obbligato and orchestra; song “Sehnsucht nach dem Fruehling” (“A Longing for Spring”); Piano Concerto No. 27; Piano Sonata No. 14 in C minor and Piano Fantasia in C minor are among them. But spectators will almost not hear Mozart’s music.

How can music be made to be visible? In the performance MIDNIGHT, using a combination of sound art, dance theater and experimental musical theater Lynsey Peisinger and Tilman Hecker visualize four pieces by W.A. Mozart on stage. Mozart’s music will not be heard, but rather seen: musical elements will be replaced by the movements of the performers, as well as, the use of video and lights, meanwhile a complete soundscape by Arno Kraehahn will accompany the course of the performance and will reflect the structural precepts of the musical score.

‘It is an empirical production that challenges our perception of music, and revives perception of Mozart’s compositions’ Exberliner (SM) N147/2016

Director : Tilman Hecker

Choreography and Performance: Lynsey Peisinger

Composition : Arno Kraehahn

Performance: Ivan Cheng und Frank Willens

Dramaturgy : Dag Lohde

Costumes : Julia von Leliwa

Light : Scott Bolman

Video: Thilo Schmidt

Make-Up: Manu Halligan

Director’s Assistant : Sophie Beck

Postproduction: ARRI Mitte

photographs Lucie Jansch


full run, Almaty, 2018

photographs Axel Lambrette (Berlin 2016)

photographs Evgeny Plonin (St Petersburg, 2017)