GEMINI REDUX (Beeny’s Prayer)
Ivan Cheng with Kristoffer Zeiner
Saturday 21/08, 4pm

Possession dissolves in the chiaroscuro stratosphere. For GEMINI REDUX (Beeny’s Prayer), two large objects made by Zeiner of coloured fibreglass, carbon and kevlar fibre, epoxy resin, will reprise the role of ‘Beeny’ that Cheng cast them in for GEMINI EXIT (Beeny's Retirement) (2019). Originally focused on agency without authorship, that situation for camera was developed in the Oude Kerk in the context of the Come Closer programme (cur. Radna Rumping), in relation to the commissioned mellotron by Janet Cardiff/George Bures Miller. GEMINI REDUX reunites Cheng and Zeiner outside of consecrated space, again staged in a pose of subjective distance.

Arti et Amiticae
in the context of
GUT FEELING, with works by Kate Fahey, Rodrigo Red Sandoval, Jack West, public program with Marijn Ottenhoff, David Excoffier, Ivan Cheng & Kristoffer Zeiner, Tom Kemp, screening program curated by Angels Miralda, with Agnieszka Polska, Anton Vidokle, Bahar Noorizadeh, Wilhelm Sasnalwith