June 11-21, 2020
Vijzelgracht 2A
1017 HR Amsterdam

Open Thurs - Sun 1600-2000
and by appointment -


Appearing passive, the cosmopolitan body is permitted to become abstracted and fragmented.
Common definition of ‘virtue’ rests in morality.
What moral standards should it be held to?
What now constitutes a centre, and have perceived shifts been cosmetic or structural?

Presented across spaces in the former Maison Descartes, this presentation holds four contributions which peel away from the temporalities and rhythms of the artist’s existing practice.

Kim Wawer will perform a series of streamed and live interactions with new ceramic sculptures; prostheses that counterweight, and wait between performances. Aaro Murphy will show a kinetic installation that exhales into space, latex exteriors stretching tightly over ‘machine’-like interiors. Kristoffer Zeiner presents an installation centered around a vocalizing resin monolith. Ivan Cheng shows new drawings, and publishes reconfigured performance texts as a murder mystery, to be also stocked at San Serriffe and rile*.

All ‘live events’ will be streamed on Instagram Live.

Kim Wawer @kimwawer performs

Thursday 11th 18:00
Saturday 13th 19:00
Monday 15th 15:00 (online only)
Wednesday 17th 17:00
Friday 19th 15:00 (online only)
Sunday 21st 17:00 (with Ivan)

Ivan Cheng @ic_ic reads from Ferrara Deux (Faits Divers)

Thursday 11th 19:00

Sunday 21st 17:00 (with Kim)

landau’s tunnel
{2020} hair, tape

{2018} plush toy with hair embroidery

gemeauz cum
{2020} coloured pencil, mechanical pencil, packing foam, A4 paper

denver canyon okay
{2020} watercolour, hair, plastic bag, mechanical pencil, A4 paper

jb’s flat at dam
{2020} graphite, ink, muslin, hair, A4 paper

purpose 2.0
{2020} mechanical pencil, A4 paper

{2020} mechanical pencil, A4 paper

{2020} muslin with watercolour, mechanical pencil, hair embroidery, polyester veil

dopo oracle
{2020} cotton, glitter tempera, indian ink, gouache, tape

frank hands
{2018} airdrying clay impregnated with nails, mohair, zip ties, hair

{2018} found windchime with hair

fash punk for d
{2020} silk cotton, hair embroidery, glitter tempera, watercolour, indian ink, pencil, pins, polyester veil