think twice (2014)

with Eugene Choi as Ivan Cheng

"The competitors get thirsty and drink Sandra Bullock’s talent. Instead, she teaches women how to defend themselves, teaches them how to sing S-I-N-G, slamming the solar plexus, instep, nose, groin. I like the way that film makes me feel at the end. I’ve been preparing to work with children and I’m worried about what I might inadvertently teach them. Is speaking to them about how they should behave on stage better than showing them?

Celine Dion is distraught and donates 1 million dollars to the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina. Appearing on the Today show, she is in floods of tears, finding difficulty in forming words – she can’t even drink her morning coffee. And when asked to share her voice in this time of need, she is able to."