% Bootleg

1 Pascale Monnier - Summer
2 Ghislaine Leung - Approximations
3 Psychic TV - Ov Power (radio edit)
4 Chris Viaggio - I he me reads something we wrote
5 Travis Jeppesen - Staple Cheese (A Race), Dieter Roth
6 Rogier Delfos - joakim.mp3 - "A song I’ve encountered during a recent intoxicated gay clubbing adventure."
7 Virginia Woolf - (excerpt from) The Voyage Out read by ed.
8 Ioanna Gerakidi - under your skin idiolect idiolect under skin
9 Chris Viaggio - Untitled read by Sophie Serber
10 Mihnea Mircan - Jean Painlevé - The Lovelife of the Octopus, 1967, excerpt from the soundtrack to / commentary of the film
11 Naomi Pearce - Working Report: Bhanu Kapil (1st March - 13th May 2017) read by Stuart Middleton
ed. NO ANECDOTE (burning a coyote named B-I-N-G-O)
13 Julia Reidy - Upwelling
14 Travis Jeppesen - Vierge à l’Enfant, Artist Unknown
15 Lucie Berjoan - Eavesdropping one hour at Starbucks
16 Angharad Williams - Angharatopia: The right way, Sloppy, Look down at your feet
17 William Kherbek Placeholder Feelings: A Celebration
18 Your words in my mouth | My voice on your tongue - Collapse and Hold - generated from the transcription workshop by Ghislaine Leung produced in collaboration with the Critical Studies department of the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. with Lucie Berjoan, Callum Copley, Ioanna Gerakidi, Rosie Haward, Asja Novak, Stefanie Rau with Ghislaine Leung
19 Rogier Delfos - Faeries - A sound recording taken from Faerie Tales (1990), a documentary about the Radical Faeries. The accompanying image depicts a radical faerie ritual that involves circulating dance moves and lots of ribbon.
20 Ariane Mueller - Did I read that in a Novel? read by ed.
21 Rosie Haward - Drag me to the seas, the seas
22 Clarinet + Böhren & der Club of Gore Karin