3 May and 5 May
Perdu, Amsterdam

Stars Hollow is the name of the charming and fictional small town that television show Gilmore Girls deploys in contrast to the generational wealth of Hartford, Connecticut. Suns Hollow is a performative situation by Amsterdam based artist Ivan Cheng that amplifies and focuses on the theatricality of fandom. Departing from the relationship between aspiring writer Rory Gilmore (Magdalena Mitterhofer) and her music fanatic best friend Lane Kim (Cheng), Suns Hollow features tracks by producer Rui Ho. The project continues with Cheng’s interest in the nuance and individuality of subculture and how it is staged, noting the extensive cultural references which define the writing style of Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Performed by Magdalena Mitterhofer and Ivan Cheng
featuring ‘Hundred Thousand Ways’ by Rui Ho
Garments: GOOD & BAD (Marina M. Kolushova, Victor Stuhlmann, Ossi Lehtonen)
Curated by Arif Kornweitz, in a double bill with Steven Warwick's 'Neo-Literal'
Speaker, Broker, Stringer - Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee Radio

photos Carmen Gray