Licence Free Chorus Line
Glasshouse at Peter Weiss Haus, Rostock
with Martha Hasselberg and Luis Kröplin
curated by Tilman Hecker

“That means ‘no’ where I come from”. Licence Free Chorus Line is the third and final part of ‘motorcycle diaries’, a series of performances by Ivan Cheng reflecting on revolution as cultural object that took place around Germany in the fall of 2022. For Rostock, a text about memory, protest and belief has been written for Martha Hasselberg and Luis Kröplin, two local young performers. Staged by Cheng at the Peter Weiss Haus, it is presented within a largely unaccompanied medley of alternative hits from the last decades. The performers wear garments by Good and Bad (Marina M. Kolushova, Victor Stuhlmann, Ossi Lehtonen).

camera Silke Briel