Flight Mode / Corgi's Entree (standard stare)
Parc de L'Eracom
Les Urbaines, Lausanne
July 6-8, 2021

The imperial seems to follow, even with distance. Flight Mode/Corgi’s Entrée sees acclaimed 12 string guitarist Julia Reidy reprise her role as Corgi, a dog who is a trained pilot, joining artist Ivan Cheng in a version of his work-in-progress, Standard Stare. This iteration, made for Parc Eracom, debuts a commissioned sculpture by Mire Lee as an element of scenography, and revisits musical contributions from collaborators Gailė Griciūtė, Julia Reidy, and Marcus Whale. A standard stare might be one of passive but regulated observation; an infinite scroll.

Standard Stare is a work-in-progress by Ivan Cheng that features music by Marcus Whale, Julia Reidy, Gailė Griciūtė, and a sculpture by Mire Lee. Flight Mode/Corgi's Entrée is an iteration of Standard Stare for Les Urbaines performed by Ivan Cheng and Julia Reidy.

Music: Gailė Griciūtė, Julia Reidy, Marcus Whale
Costume: mirror dress and green trousers by Ting Gong, the rest from Ivan.
Sculpture: Mire Lee
Guitar, performance: Julia Reidy
Saxophone: Mattias Klopfenstein
Text, direction, performance: Ivan Cheng
Translation: DeepL + Iman Waser