WEDDING DAY (standard stare)
Centrale Fies, Dro
July 3, 2022

You can actually save money by having a destination wedding - while they might seem more expensive, you will likely be obliged to invite less people, or the ticket cost may be usefully prohibitive. Destination wedding venues often have existing relationships with vendors, so there are less choices to make, and there are often packages. You may even be closer to your honeymoon destination. It's a fantastic way to ensure that you can find time to connect with your loved ones outside of the big day, and away from the daily grind. The wedding itself is a legally binding agreement between two or more "individuals". The binding language is not colloquial, but you can personalise it by writing your own vows.

WEDDING DAY continues Ivan Cheng’s proposition of Standard Stare, a work around infrastructure, desire, and distance, ongoing since 2018. This solo iteration unites the two turbina spaces of Centrale Fies, and as with earlier versions, chooses to only reinterpret the existing songs, written by musical collaborators Gailė Griciūtė, Julia Reidy, Marcus Whale, who also perform the characters of Salad Bar, Corgi, and Sandy. Standard Stare carries forward these accumulated musical materials alongside a sculpture by Mire Lee. Garments for WEDDING DAY and RECEPTION are by Good & Bad (Marina M. Kolushova, Victor Stuhlmann, Ossi Lehtonen).

Liveworks co-curated by Barbara Boninsegna and Simone Frangi

Photos Roberta Segata and Alessandro Sala