HAUNTED HOUSE sunset blister (2018)

Side A


Side B


text, camera, edit, sound, by Ivan Cheng

with additional footage from Arjan Stockhausen and others.

and depictions of pumice glass instruments being blown by Eric Pipien and assistant at LUCA Gent.

developed and exhibited as part of Act V - INTERMEZZO'S
of On Acausal Connecting Principles
Heterotropics | LODGERS


Like a spy, IVAN CHENG has been working from the position of “between” throughout the entire duration of the project. Using observation as a means of operating, Ivan Cheng moved as a liaison; documenting, channeling, performing, and listening to the various acts composing the project. Named as an act in itself, Intermezzo’s proposes a possessive on the singular noun, and re-interprets the gleaned knowledge, reporting after a duration of “passing-as.” Intermezzo's also marks the opening of the finissage, a non-exhibition of all that is left behind, leading to new beginnings and life forms.

➤ ON ACAUSAL CONNECTING PRINCIPLES is a durational exhibition and performance program in five acts curated by the Amsterdam curatorial initiative Heterotropics at MHKA, Antwerp, in the framework of their LODGERS program. Inspired by the Jungian notion of synchronicity, the project adopted the coincidence as a curatorial methodology to research nonlinear time, while questioning the interplay of psychic and physical states.

ACT I by Sara Giannini (in collaboration with Raoul Audouin),ACT II Adam Bobbette (transmitted by Ivan Cheng), ACT III Mehraneh Atashi (with the participation of Geo Wyeth), ACT IV Milena Bonilla & Luisa Ungar