CAST (eros tunes), 2019
in collaboration with Gianmaria Andreetta

2 silk and wool garments fitted to artists’ bodies; faux-hide and coated cotton form with Swarovski and semi precious stone trimmings (430 cm); looped single channel HD video.

Eros is the name of the twice abandoned dog now in the possession of Anna Conversa, a tailor with whom Gianmaria Andreetta and Ivan Cheng worked to produce a large figure in phases broken by conversation.

The duo arrived separately to Bari thinking through the idea of a puppet - that is, relationally animating material through a poetics of possession. Through leaps of faith, and Andreetta translating intuitions of structure and surface, bargaining with premium textile vendors, a key was found by approaching tailoring as a placement and pulling of ¨strings¨. Eros diligently expresses desire for the pants of the puppet, locking on and fucking. A performance for the opening will occur in public space, with garments shaped from textile fragments, tacked together by Cheng. Departure and friction of sound function as the bodies that then absent the space. The dog then, operates curtain like, falling across a stage - clouded by desire, singularly intentional, and afraid of abandonment.

produced during Souvenir Summer Art Camp,
organised by Spazio Murat (Paola Lucente, with Melissa Destino) and 63rd - 77th Steps, Bari (Fabio Santacroce)

alongside AGF Hydra, Bruno Mokross, Edin Zenun, Evelyn Plaschg, Fabio Santacroce, Giuseppe Lana, Isabella Mongelli, Mariantoinetta Bagliato, Stefania DiPierro, Vincent de Hoym & Jade Fourès-Varnier

(above image Fabio Ingegno)

(below images Fabio Ingegno)