alliteration trail (2018)

with puppet by MRZB and hat from AP

performed in front of a work by Tefra 90

at the invitation of MRZB

in the context of
Streaming Realities Steaming
at Grace / Athens
Dec 21, 2018

Grace is presenting it's fifth self-organised exhibition showcasing works from 13 international and local artists.

Recent years have been highly characterised by the constantly growing ability of people to transmit and share data to the public. Individual streaming has been one of the most powerful, if not the most significant, process from which we receive information and therefore shape opinions, mentality, aesthetics and even actions. Within the very well known complex of information transmit, there are three major key points that define the evolution of the stream; the transmitter, the transmitted material and the receiver. Even though all of these three key points are connected and converse with reality, it is the connection and the perspective of the transmitter that will define the role, the shape and the progress of the information. Very much like an old-time herald or a current post at your newsfeed, artists are delivering certain information originated from the reality that surrounds them, it might be a clear message, a vague scene or anything between them. There is a crucial need for the transmitter to share an information, a need for the receiver to interact with it, but mostly a need to keep the information loading. Our reality is constantly converting, moving from a current state to another, what we choose to say, what we choose to see and what we choose to be informed about is what defines us, us and our realities.

From the 21st of December till the 3rd of January, Grace will be transformed into a database that is transmitting materials in a non-linear narrative, accessible to everyone. Τhere will be nothing different to what you know about streaming information.

Andreas Ragnar Kassapis, Anna Maria Vlasopoulou, Athanasios Kanakis, Gelly Siganou, ΗΓΗ,Konstantinos Zves, Louis Abel Dunbar, Lucas Dupuy, MRZB (Andrea Parenti, Desiree Nakouzi De Monte, Filippo Tocchi) with Ivan Cheng, No Más / No More, Point Supreme, Spiros Kokkonis, Stamos Michael, Tefra 90, Theo Michael

Curated by Grace and the artists.