synchronising the future (2018)

Act II – Let’s Frequency
3rd – 5th October
Adam Bobbette

Transmitted for video by Ivan Cheng

Performed with Zachary Schoenhut and Ivan Cheng

October 3 and 5, 2018 – ongoing

October 4. 2018 at 7.30pm

A volcano scientist is a radio engineer. An earthquake is a heartbeat. You need to know how to synch your signals because it’s all a matter of frequencies. A shaman who makes shoes and used to be a spy in Sumatra works in the market during the day but gives love advice in the evening to young and old men. This is about him, Santoso, but others, too.

Adam Bobbette is geographer and writer. He completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge and is currently a research fellow at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, where he is writing a book on the political geology of Indonesia since 1945. His writing has appeared in Cabinet, N+1, the Times Literary Supplement, as well as scholarly journals and edited books.

developed and exhibited as part of Act II - Let's Frequency
of On Acausal Connecting Principles
Heterotropics | LODGERS

➤ ON ACAUSAL CONNECTING PRINCIPLES is a durational exhibition and performance program in five acts curated by the Amsterdam curatorial initiative Heterotropics at MHKA, Antwerp, in the framework of their LODGERS program. Inspired by the Jungian notion of synchronicity, the project adopted the coincidence as a curatorial methodology to research nonlinear time, while questioning the interplay of psychic and physical states.

ACT I by Sara Giannini (in collaboration with Raoul Audouin),ACT II Adam Bobbette (transmitted by Ivan Cheng), ACT III Mehraneh Atashi (with the participation of Geo Wyeth), ACT IV Milena Bonilla & Luisa Ungar, ACT V Ivan Cheng