with Sophie Serber as Cathy/Carrie

September 10, 2016
Klittenband, De Punt, Amsterdam

ack ! ack ! chocolate

mmmein herr

hello my name was ivan cheng

but now no longer so sure

side on, sighed like

a year ago

based on sex


the city

Lawrence weiner

placed on the tip

of a wave

breaking in shoes in rain

a line (sniff)

to walk for fashion week

one year ago

wet storm, a dry cab straight

fittings to the cat walk

a line (sniff)

new hoping versus no hoping




one year back

(Ascending passage)

baby I’m shaking


cathy turns to me and says

I am the cathy cartoon that was cut out

and stuck on a fridge

(Moderate pace/even)

or carrie

burning out

too fast too furious

massive disquiet


and I said oh yes, salt water

brackish water

beats a tattoo

I showered and dried myself with a towel too small

a year ago I was in a 4.5 star room in manhattan

you know that town



I had never taken a photo of myself naked in the mirror

but the bed was of an elevation so I took a photo of myself

naked in the window

I’ve lost the fancy pen I bought at the time

it was stormy, September 10, fit, fitting

show yourself

one year ago I was in new york for fashion week

being a woman

being a woman

on the verge

placed on the tip of a wave, ack !

it’s me cathy

come home I’m so cold