bunny go go (2018)

ιηηα' 'єяє \ Ɓυηηу Ɠσ Ɠσ

bologna returns for the first event of 2018 with ιηηα' 'єяє, an installation by Kim Wawer, in which Ɓυηηу Ɠσ Ɠσ, a new play in 4 scenes by Gianmaria Andreetta, is staged by Ivan Cheng.

please note:

Ɓυηηу Ɠσ Ɠσ will be performed twice in Wawer's installation.
The audience is free to arrive at 15:45 for 16hr, or 17:45 for 18hr.
You are welcome to observe both iterations as one performance,
though the bell will be dismantled during performances

Ɓυηηу Ɠσ Ɠσ will be performed by André Fincato, Arie de Fijter, Sophie Serber, Ivan Cheng

from 15:45 - 19:00

Sunday January 21, 2018

ιηηα' 'єяє will be available for viewings by appointment through the week.

Frans de Wollantstraat 78