Whoever you are hiding away with (gleaners)


New Town quietly upholds many recognisable European traditions which are the remains of encouraging fertility or virility; the raising of a May tree by bachelors, but also a more ambiguous proposal - Neighbour Day, where inhabitants choose another inhabitant to dress as in a form of tribute and recognition. Perhaps it is a symptom of an epoch where brands are tied to (relatable) expressions of individuality and uniqueness.

New Town is a micro-village filled with working people whose ideas of diversity are politically correct. Recovering after a period of physical distancing, the town is busily returning itself to economic normalcy. As can be expected, leisure time is filled with culture and pleasurable activities, with New Town’s many clubs and hobby groups connected by Francoise, a self- defined secretary of sorts. Sofie and Norbert arrive to New Town in an undefined alliance, passing as a mother-son duo, understanding that they might be too odd if separated. New Town is community oriented in its manner, and meet Sofie and Norbert’s interests and passions with space for actualisation. In a place where everyone has a place, and quality of life is dependent on status quo, what happens when things get displaced? Francoise’s suspicions about the true nature of Sofie and Norbert’s alliance becomes dappled in a world of erotic undercurrents, and they boldly investigate. Neighbour day approaches; who will be who?

Jules van den Langenberg

Ivan Cheng

Ivan Cheng, with story by
Jules van den Langenberg

Genelva Krind, Joes Brauers, Mees Hillhorst

Art & design
David Bernstein
Kalkidan Hoex
Irene Ha
Louise & Javier
Tony Ta
Wouter Paijmans

Floor van Spaendonck
Simon Beks

Location Scouts
Marcel van Kan
Judith Schlechtriem
Bert Schlechtriem
Jules van den Langenberg

Serena Vlijt, Vigics
Py Tswang Jin

Line producer
Bert Schlechtriem

Director of Photography
Demi Wesselo, Vigics

Camera assistent / data
Sem Hovingh

Sjoerd Kats

Hair & Make-up
Emma & Iljitsj Oppatja, House of Orange

Bureau Europa

Behind the scenes photography
Moniek Wegdam

Thanks to
Norbert ter Hall, Niels Klavers, Dwight Groot, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Bureau Europa