Saunds (2011)

A series of layers developed to be, in a way, relentless and eventually develop a desensitisation to overall structure after the non-patterned repetition. I created a 3 channel video which had sausages grilling, sausages boiling, calf and forearm palpitation, hand and finger manouvring of face, and eating a sausage - levels of movement under, over, within skin. In the long gallery space, I installed 5 channels of audio which were composed of clarinet burblings. I had two lit pots of boiling water, and a glass oven, the light of which comes on and off in periods.

Saunds was a working process about combination, with an overarching idea is of sausages, breaking things down and pushing them into skins, of just-barely-variation, post mastication.

Developed during a Blueprint residency at FraserStudios, Queen Street Studio during August and September 2011 under the mentorship of Julie-Anne Long.

development rehearsal

showing excerpt